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Technology inspired by nature:
the science behind our products

The innovative vVARDIS technology is based on years of research in the field of biomimetic research & development.

The vVARDIS scientists have patented the process that copies nature to create new Hydroxyapatite crystals, making possible something that was previously unimaginable: regenerating the only tissue in the body that has never been able to self-heal, enamel.

Peptides: at the core of our technology

Developed at the vVARDIS research center in Switzerland, the award-winning, patented vVARDIS technology has at its base a small, intelligent peptide, made of naturally occurring amino acids.

Able to self-assemble in the right conditions – like the acidic environment found in an early carious lesion – the peptide creates a biomatrix with high affinity to hydroxyapatite. This biomatrix acts as a scaffold for calcium and phosphate ions from the saliva making it able to create new hydroxyapatite crystals and regenerate the lost enamel.

A versatile technology

Incredibly versatile, the revolutionary vVARDIS technology can be adapted into multiple formulations to target a broad range of oral health needs. It is able to treat initial caries without drilling or pain, protect from decay, erosion and sensitivity, and deliver a healthy natural whitening.

The vVARDIS technology has been clinically proven for over 20 years of research and is backed by more than 200 publications.

1. Monomer-Peptide 104

In this formulation the peptide is in its free monomer state and in fluid form. It provides deep mineralisation of early caries, like white spots lesions, through enamel regeneration.
With one single application by a dental professional, it rapidly diffuses to reach the depths of the lesion and forms a biomatrix that mimics the original enamel matrix.

This serves as a seed of crystallisation for new hydroxyapatite crystals, enabling Guided Enamel Regeneration (GER) of the lost enamel minerals, leading to resolution of caries.

CurodontTM Repair

1. Alkilzy M. et al. (2017), Journal of Dental Research 1–7.2 2.Doberdoli D. et al. (2020), Scientific Reports 10:4195

CurodontTM Protect

CurodontTM D'Senz

2. Oligo-Peptide 103

The Oligo-Peptide 103 formulation contains the already assembled peptide bio- matrix. It is able to adhere rapidly to the enamel, due to its high affinity to hydroxyapatite, and form a stable layer on the tooth surface. Together with fluoride and calcium ions from the saliva, it acts as protection against bacterial and food acids, shielding from the onset of caries and from enamel erosion. It is particularly recommended for high risk patients. Thanks to its ability to form a protective barrier, the formula works also on exposed dentin, giving an effective and fastacting solution against tooth sensitivity. It helps to rapidly occlude open dentinal tubules, impeding the transmission of thermal and contact stimuli to the nerves. For topical application in the dental office or at home.

3. Hydroxya-Peptide

Combining the peptide matrix with hydroxyapatite, this unique formulation is the first to be able to stabilize the hydroxyapatite on the tooth surface.

It creates a new hydroxyapatite layer on the tooth surface, providing a reservoir of calcium and phosphate ions this strengthens the enamel and protects from demineralization and the formation of white spots lesions. Additionally, it improves aesthetics by covering superficial irregularities and brightening the teeth’s appearance for a natural whitening effect.

New White Enamel
Anti-Aging Oral Care

In all formulations, the vVARDIS technology delivers its beneficial effects over time, continually using calcium and phosphate ions from saliva to remineralize enamel from the inside out.

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